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Acupressure is a safe and gentle alternative therapy used to relieve symptoms from many common disorders. Unlike some forms of Western medicine, this therapy does not involve the use of any invasive techniques. A skilled practitioner simply uses their thumbs and fingers (sometimes the elbow) to exert pressure to specific body points.


What conditions does acupressure treat?
Some conditions that benefit from acupressure include back pain, headache, fatigue, anxiety, stress and tension, feelings of melancholy, and immune system deficiencies. Studies have shown that certain types of pain are linked with feelings of anxiety and worry.

Often back and joint pain is simply caused by poor posture. The neck is especially susceptible due to head and neck range of motion. Trauma can lead to soft tissue damage. Certain acupoints between the cervical spine (neck) and the top of the shoulder when treated with acupressure relieve pain. When the flow of blood is enhanced, toxins are flushed away, and oxygen and healing nutrients are provided.


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